Cannabis Sativa L. Flowers

We produce, select and distribute hemp strains rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, with strong terpene profiles. Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor flowers are available at Swisscannamedix. Our flowers are made in Switzerland, free of pesticides or herbicides and are lab-tested. Contact us to discover our strains, their availability and the price list.


Our oils are available in bulk with different CBD concentrations, from 5% (500mg) to 30% (3000mg).  The carrier oil is hemp seed oil, MCT oil or olive oil. Oils can be THC free (<0.05%) or broad spectrum (<0.2%) for a stronger entourage effect. We can add alimentary aromas to the oil for a very individual taste. Contact us to understand the production process of our oils, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and the prices.


Our ultrasound-assisted extracted full spectrum distillate contains less than 0.20% THC (or 0.00% THC) and is available in concentrations ranging from 50-90% CBD. The differences in the textures of the distillates come from the source biomass, the form of CBD used, either flower / leaves / mix, combined with the extraction process, temperature and air pressure. 

Honey, Wax and Crumble are extractions in concentrated form. They are used to produce full spectrum CBD products (oils, cartridges, etc.), added to tobacco or dabbed on its own. Contact us for bulk orders of distillates, we will inform you about the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and the prices.


The purest and most concentrated form of cannabidiol extraction. It is basically pure CBD powder and contains no other cannabinoids or terpenes. It is THC free (0.00%) and has CBD levels of 99.9%. Isolate is CBD in concentrated form ideal to make other CBD products (oils, cosmetics, gummies, etc.), or dabbed it on its own without terpenes.

Available at Swisscannamedix as Isolate or Nanoisolate. Contact us for bulk orders.

About the ultrasound-assisted extraction 

Ultrasonic extractors are the state-of-art technique when it comes to the reliable and efficient extraction of hemp and CBD oils. Ultrasonication is well-known as a highly potent extraction technique to release valuable compounds from botanicals. In comparison to other extraction methods such as supercritical CO2 extraction, the ultrasonic technique exceeds in efficiency, simple operation and versatile use.