1- Are the Swisscannamedix products legal in Europe?

Yes, all our products are below the THC limit of 0.2% defined by the European Union.

2- Could Swiss customs confiscate my products?

No, we take care of the paperwork with the Swiss customs. The products will be delivered to the European Union through our partner infrastructure in Luxemburg.

3- How can I become a partner of Swisscannamedix?

The best way is to contact us via the web form on your website, link here. We will have a look at your request and the most appropriate person in our team will get back to you.

4- What are the minimum requirements to apply for a partnership?

The minimum requirements to become a wholesale partner are:

- You need to have a valid EU VAT number

- You need to order at least 250gr of flowers or at least EUR 1'000 of other products (oils, concentrates, etc.)

- You need to be in one of the EU states (or UK).

5- Do you send samples?

Yes, we can send samples from the warehouse in Luxemburg or from Switzerland.

6- Do I need a license to sell your products?

Please consult the exact requirements of your country.

7- I don't have a registered company, can I still buy your products?

No, in order to buy our products you need a valid EU VAT number. We do not sell to private people or unregistered companies.

8- Can I sell your products under my own brand?

Yes of course, our wholesale products are mainly used by retailers or brands across Europe.

9- How long will it take to receive the product?

Depending on your country, the shipment from Luxemburg takes approximately 3 to 4 working days.

10- Can I track my shipment?

Yes, you will receive your tracking number as soon as the package goes out of our warehouse.

11- How will the payment be handled?

For our standard wholesale orders, we require a payment in advance via bank transfer. For recurring orders, we can offer better payment conditions.

12- Is shipping to Europe legal and safe?

Shipments are legal and generally safe, although there may be cases where the packages are blocked to check that everything is okay.

13- Do you send analysis / COA?

Yes, the analysis / COA is sent in the package together with the products.

14- Can I return the products?

Products can be returned within 5 working days only in Switzerland.

15- What happens if i don't receive the product?

If you don't receive the products, we will immediately start an investigation with the shipping company and keep you updated on the outcome.

16- How and when can I contact you if I have any doubts or questions?

You can always contact us via our web contact form or through one of our team members.


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